Transpose music chord sheets (guitar chord sheets, etc.) in Microsoft Word using this VSTO Add-In.

Overview of Chord Sheet Editor for Microsoft ® Word ®

The world has a few chord sheet editors out there. Some of them even do transposition. But they don't have anything close to the formatting flexibility of Microsoft ® Word ®. Plus they typically use prioprietary formats whereas DOC and DOCX files are supported by various viewers and even open-source word processors. Unfortunately, Word ® doesn't have any any features to help musicians create, transpose, and manage chord sheets.

This project is a Chord Sheet Editor Add-in for Microsoft ® Word ® written using Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO). This Add-in creates a new Ribbon Tab inside of Word ® called "Chord Sheet" with features to Transpose, Format, and even Remove chords from a chord sheet.

Currently only Microsoft ® Word ® 2007 is supported.

Present Limitations

There is currently no installer for the project. However, the source code does build and function as it stands.

All 3rd-party commercial (paid) components, and 3rd-party commercial (paid) graphics have been removed and replaced with CC, GPL, and LGPL equivalents.

All licensing code has been removed.

The project is now fully GPL-compliant.


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